The water produced by Reverse Osmosis technology is of an extremely high quality. Reverse Osmosis not only reduces the salinity levels in the water but also. is one of the best water treatment processes for purifying water. The water produced is of superior quality than that the highest Drinking Water Standards. Our quality policy was developed to maximize customer satisfaction while providing for continuous performance improvement.

The equipment can perform continuously, with the required preventive maintenance, and without failure, when operated under design conditions.
The equipment can be retained in, or restored to, the specified operable design conditions when maintenance is performed as prescribed.
The equipment is able to perform under design conditions with the specified maintenance, without significant deterioration.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement in design evolution, quality, reliability and maintainability utilizing in house analysis and customer feedback.
Cost Reductions
Cost reduction through standardization of design

Water, a basic necessity of life, something without which we just cannot exist. Unfortunately, most of the water which reaches our homes and establishments is filled with impurities, despite being treated at source. And that is where we step in with our wide range of the expertise and experience in treating water, we introduce the State-of-the-art Domestic RO System, which brings you this water in its purest, safest from through an effective and trustworthy Five-Stage Purification Process.

Stage 1: Remove the physical impurities such as suspended solids like sand, silt, dust,etc.
Stage 2: Removes free colour, chlorine in the water and also absorbs organics on its surface.
Stage 3: Is a protective mechanism to preserve the highly sensitive RO membranes.
Stage 4: Is the most advanced Thin film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membranes designed to remove dissolved chemical impurities.
Stage 5: It is designed to prevent growth of bacteria at the point of use and restore the natural taste of water.

Hard Water Solution
  • Contains resin bed which exchanges Ion.
  • When hard water is passed through Aqua Swim’s resin bed Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) salts are exchanged with high solubilities ions like Sodium (Na+).
  • Reeneration (Recharging of resin) can be done by simply passing salt solutions (NaCl) from resin bed.
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